Josefina Schargo

Is inspired by romantic nostalgia and the elusive beauty of small things.

︎ Digital
︎ Collaboration

Girls Can

Collaboration with Brazilian letterer Mel Cerri

Girls Can is a project that aims to empower girls of  all backgrounds. Mel Cerri and Josefina Schargorodsky collaborate in a series of uplifting posters to spread the message that a girl can be anything she chooses to, if she dares to dream big.

“We want to celebrate the fact that girls are awesome and that by offering support, we can lift each other higher and transform the world, one powerful girl at a time!”

︎ Digital
︎ Animation

Mucinex Children’s Freefrom Campaign

Character and background design for Mucinex Freefrom campaign animations.

Illustrations are animated by Carbon.

Closer&Closer via Mc Cann Agency.

︎ Surface design
︎ Textile


en. Lazzari is a Fashion Italian Brand. They asked me to create a textile pattern design for their 2018 collection inspired by a girl band and their whimsical cat friend, Gato.

es. Diseño de estampados para Lazzari, Italia.

︎ Animation
︎ Editorial

MSC × Stylist

en. Illustration and animations for Stylist a UK lifestyle website for strong women

These illustrations were created for an article about going to a cruise ship being a millennial woman.

es. Ilustraciones y animaciones para Stylist un sitio sobre lifestyle para mujeres empoderadas.

Estas ilustraciones fueron creadas para un articulo sobre un viaje en crucero siendo una mujer millennial

︎ Editorial
︎ Digital

Stay Home

en:  llustrations and lettering for Ohlala Magazine.
An article about the beginning of lockdown and how different people is coping with it.
Published in May 2020, it was the first time the magazine was made completely from home.

es:lIustraciones y lettering para la revista Ohlala. 
un articulo sobre el comienzo de la  cuarentena y como diferentes personas están lidiando con la situación.
Publicado en Mayo de 2020, es la primera vez que la revista se hace enteramente desde casa.


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